Muay Thai Level III and IV classes Blend The Best Of Self-defense And Athletic Ability

When your teacher considers you ready to graduate from Level II class, it's time to jump to Level III class, "Spyda Muay Thai." Level focus will be Strength, Pace, and Combinations. New graduates earn their Level III shorts. This class is truly above the beginner Muay Thai classes. The class intensity is significantly increased. You will see less shadow boxing, much more padwork that will introduce students to more complex offensive combinations. An introduction to advance kicks, more defensive moves, and an introduction to counter combat tactics will help make you a more comprehensive Muay Thai practitioner. Students who show reasonable control over time and a good understanding of the forms and techniques taught will be promoted to Level IV (Advanced). Different color shorts (Red) will be awarded.


  • Level III and IV students are required to attend as many classes as they wish
  • Level III will introduce students to standard Muay Thai sparring style (better known as technical sparring or "play") and other light sparring exercises concentrating on technique, control, and timing. Technical sparring with very light contact and in a playful atmosphere. It's pretty healthy. Participation in technical sparring drills is not needed.

Required Equipment:

  • 16 oz gloves
  • Shinguards
  • Hand wraps
  • Level III (or IV) Spyda Muay Thai shorts
  • Groin protector
  • Mouthpiece