What You Can Expect From Our Muay Thai Level III Clinching classes

This class explores the secrets of "Clinching" This undervalued and underestimated combat avenue is a great weapon to manipulate your opponent's body through selective holds and hand positions. Which in turn offers the perfect opportunity to land devastating knee strikes, vicious elbows, and weakening dumps (throws) from a distance. Thailand's warriors spend a lot of time practicing in the clinch, and we should. The clinch requires the most raw strength and technical skill. For these two factors alone, clinching should be very cautious.


  • Only Level III and IV students are allowed to attend this class.
  • Elbow strikes with Elbow pads help avoiding cuts but do not entirely disable the dangers, so please, throw them with caution.
  • Knees should be thrown with caution as well.
  • Avoid using brute strength to pull on your opponent's neck. A sore neck is very painful, so be courteous.

Required Equipment:

  • Level III Spyda Muay Thai shorts (unless you are level IV)
  • Groin protector
  • Mouthpiece
  • Elbow pads